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Elden Ring patch 1.04.1 makes Malenia less undefeatable

FromSoftware fans will be pleased to hear that there's a Malenia fix in the Elden Ring patch notes for update 1.04.1 today, so she's a little less impossible

There's a Malenia fix in the Elden Ring patch notes 1.04.1

The Elden Ring 1.04.1 patch notes are here and they pretty much confirm that the update today on Steam is just about sorting the problems with the RPG game‘s last patch. Rejoice anyone struggling through one of the toughest Elden Ring bosses, as Malenia is now fixed so she’s slightly less undefeatable.

Elden Ring patch 1.04 went live last week with the main goal of patching Patches, which other than being lovely to write basically extended the backstabbing character’s questline with an extra fight. However, the patch also had the unintended (?) consequence of somehow making Malenia – who is already one of the toughest bosses FromSoftware has ever made – even more difficult.

Slight spoiler for the fight – Malenia has the ability to heal every time she hits the player with one of her attacks. That’s bad enough already. However, in what is probably (conspiracy hat on) an elaborate troll against the popular player Let Me Solo Her (hat off), update 1.04 allowed Malenia to heal whenever she attacks, regardless of whether she hit someone or not.

This, of course, made an already extremely tough boss battle even tougher. Well, good news, as of patch 1.04.1 today, Malenia is now back to her previous nigh-unbeatable self.

You can read the full patch notes here but at only 20.8 Mb on Steam, it’s a short list. Elsewhere in the patch, the Cerulean Hidden Tear’s duration is back to normal, and a bug that saw the Elden Beast die at “unintended times” is now corrected – which hopefully isn’t one of the exploits used by speedrunners to get sub-ten minute Elden Ring runs.

Hopefully, this new update won’t add any ridiculous consequences of its own, like swapping Margit with Redahn or anything crazy like that.

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