Elden Ring community gets excited (again), is disappointed (again)

No appearance at the Taipei Game Show

Elden Ring banner

Sorry, Elden Ring fans. The RPG game hasn’t been shown off yet at this year’s Taipei Game Show, and it isn’t going to be. An official account for the event says From Software’s upcoming game won’t be making an appearance over the weekend.

During the opening livestream for Taipei Game Show, eager Elden Ring enthusiasts began asking if they can expect anything about the open-world game. Someone on the TGS team swiftly nipped this in the bud by responding, “No Elden Ring this time guys”. Straight to the point, making sure everyone has realistic expectations as panels and showcases go on.

The community surrounding the mysterious action-adventure game had convinced themselves Taipei Game Show would provide the next morsel of info after comments from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb last December. Speaking on why Elden Ring didn’t get any kind of teaser during the Game Awards, Grubb said it’s near enough ready for a public offering, and to “give it a month or two more.” He prefaced this by saying it won’t be months and months, but it will be some time before something concrete is shown.

Towards the end of December 2020, producer Yasuhiro Kitao said development is “undaunted and highly motivated”. Itchy players have started making up their own Elden Ring as they await proper information.

Well guys, time to pack it up for Taipei Game Show. Elden Ring ain’t there (from livestream) from r/Eldenring

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