Elden Ring demake puts The Lands Between on SNES – but there’s a catch

The latest Elden Ring demake reimagines the RPG on 16-bit hardware, and while the effort is stunning, it's not something you can actually play

If you pine for the days of 16-bit gaming and think RPGs peaked on the Super Nintendo, then the latest Elden Ring demake is for you. Sort of. YouTubers 64 Bits, a group of animators who make videos of anything ranging from game demakes to Pikachu with a gun, posted the Elden Ring Demake for SNES to kick off their seven-part series of demaking popular games, but there’s a slight catch. Unlike the Game Boy Elden Ring demake or Bloodborne for PS1, you can’t actually play this version of the action RPG.

Which is a shame, because, frankly, it looks incredible. Elden Ring for SNES reimagines several key moments and locations from the original, starting with a mood shot of the Tarnished staring at the far-distant Erdtree. One clever touch is how they handle the world map. Instead of turning The Lands Between into a Final Fantasy-style overworld map, 64 Bits has the Tarnished wandering over the game’s actual map until they reach a key location.

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The rest of the trailer is a delectable sizzle reel of major scenes – the troll that leaps down from Stormhill, an impressive-looking fight against 16-bit Malenia, and a shot of the Radahn fight that somehow manages to be even moodier and more atmospheric than the original. There’s even a set of in-game messages, with the classic “Praise the dog!” plunked down in front of Miriel.

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64 Bits said there’s no plans to actually make the demake at this time. There’s still plenty to keep you busy in The Lands Between, though, even several months after it launched. Players are finding increasingly unique ways to roleplay in Elden Ring, including one set of players that impersonates the Godskin Duo in PvP. That’s not even getting into the cut material, including an invisible boss only found thanks to a mod.

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