Elden Ring mod makes the Margit boss fight a proper gas

A new Elden Ring mod puts a comedic spin on the RPG's first major fight, the Margit boss battle, and we won't look at it the same way again

Elden Ring mod Margit boss fight: A large man wearing a brown robe stands in front of a castle

A new Elden Ring mod puts a different spin on the Margit boss fight, turning the RPG game’s difficult early challenge into something that’s both more difficult and rather hilarious at the same time. The mod is called “Margit Ridiculous Windup Attacks and Farts,” which pretty much says it all. Margit, like other Elden Ring bosses, is well known for his delayed attack timing, where he winds up, pulls his staff back, and lingers before giving you an almighty smack.


It makes for a difficult learning curve when it comes to timing your dodges, but creator RainerGeis decided to stretch it to comedic proportions. Margit holds his pose for five seconds or longer before suddenly attacking with little warning, and the mod affects even his normal staff attacks. The delayed timing should, theoretically, make it easier to attack Margit while he’s vulnerable – but you won’t want to get too close.

During the wind-up for one of Margit’s biggest attacks, the Omen King lets out a wee lil’ fart that produces a poison gas cloud. As a finishing touch, it’s accompanied by sound effects that sound right at home in a horror movie.

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“This mod is trash,” RainerGeis said in the description. “I’m not fixing anything for it. It’s just a joke.”

And long may we continue to see such joke mods for Elden Ring. See it for yourself on NexusMods.

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