Elden Ring mod The Convergence is the next best thing to official DLC

If it's anything like its predecessor, the Elden Ring mod The Convergence is set to shake up the RPG in almost every way imaginable

The Elden Ring mod The Convergence is now in development, and while its creator offered few hints about what to expect from the action RPG’s unofficial expansion, if it’s anything like their earlier project, Dark Souls 3 The Convergence, there’s quite a bit to look forward to. Dark Souls 3 Convergence is essentially a fan-made expansion that adds new weapons and bosses, extensive redesigns for key areas, and even significant tweaks to existing systems such as covenants. Player response to the announcement was overwhelmingly positive, with most comments expressing excitement and disbelief that the project was actually happening.

Some jokingly requested that the modder only needed to remove Malenia to make the game perfect, but most seemed pleased that, in the absence of Elden Ring DLC, they had something new to look forward to.

One of Dark Souls 3 The Convergence’s biggest achievements was modifying every weapon in the game, rebalancing them so any weapon was viable. Given the number of Elden Ring mods on Nexusmods created to do the same thing for several weapons in FromSoft’s open world RPG. With the latest Elden Ring patch including almost no mention of weapon changes at all, it seems FromSoftware is content with leaving the game’s PvE and PvP combat the way it is for now.

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The previous mod also revamped magic, splitting it into several subclasses with new spells and playstyles, and even added brand-new bosses. Elden Ring isn’t short of a boss or two already, though with complaints that the normal enemies are a bit repetitive, there’s plenty of room for work outside of bosses as well.

What seems to be the most exciting for Convergence fans, though, is the prospect of exploring even more of The Lands Between. One commented that they hoped Elden Ring The Convergence would open some of the blocked off areas on the map in lieu of official DLC, while another hoped they could finally enter the Erdtree and uncover more of the mysteries surrounding The Greater Will.

Elden Ring The Convergence development is only just now getting started, which means we probably have a fair while to wait for more. Until then, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the existing batch of Elden Ring mods and watch Godrick beat the game entirely on his own again.