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Elden Ring patch 1.10.1 notes are here, as we await more DLC news

Elden Ring patch notes for update 1.10.1 have arrived, but this small update to anti-cheat doesn’t mean it’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC time.

There’s a new Elden Ring update on Steam, but the arrival of the Elden Ring patch 1.10.1 notes isn’t quite the cause for celebration you might’ve been hoping for. We’ve all felt the pang of excitement that comes from seeing that Steam update start to download for your favorite game, but in this case there’s no news on the much-anticipated Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. Nevertheless, From’s ultra-tough fantasy opus is still getting some love from its developer.

Elden Ring remains one of the best RPGs ever, with many people still uncovering secrets and new ways to play the open-world FromSoftware game as we near two years after its original launch on Steam. Currently, we’re all eagerly vibrating in anticipation of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date, with no real details given yet save for producer Yasuhiro Kitao saying that it is “still a little ways off, but progress is going well” in late 2023.

Elden Ring patch 1.10.1, then, probably isn’t what you were hoping for when you saw a new download pop up. The new update simply contains an Easy Anti-Cheat update to support a recent update to Steam OS. You will need to download it if you’re planning to play online, however, so be sure to do so before booting the game back up if you’re in the mood for some jolly co-operation or a little PvP in the Elden Ring colosseum.

Elden Ring patch notes 1.10.1, which feature "Easy Anti-Cheat update to support the Steam OS update."

Don’t expect this update to lead to any sudden DLC news, then; we’re still not anticipating to hear much more on Shadow of the Erdtree for at least a little while longer yet. FromSoftware confirms on social media platform X/Twitter that “this patch does not contain any game related content,” so don’t expect any other new, hidden secrets to discover, or balance changes to consider.

If you’re left feeling a little cold, though, don’t worry; there are some absolutely incredible add-ons available right now among the best Elden Ring mods, so if you’ve been tempted to return to the Lands Between there’s still plenty of ways to spice up your life.

For those of you returning for a new playthrough ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree, be sure to check out the best Elden Ring builds for plenty of fresh ideas. Alternatively, explore the best open-world games in 2024 to discover plenty more memorable places.

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