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Elden Ring soars to its most players in a year on its second birthday

Elden Ring is now two years old, and almost like magic the Shadow of the Erdtree reveal helps it crest over six figures in Steam players.

Elden Ring second birthday: a man in armor with long red hair

Elden Ring is two years old. It’s hard to imagine that FromSoftware’s biggest cultural phenomenon since Dark Souls has been with us for two whole years, but it has. In that time we’ve finally got our first look at Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, a release date for the DLC, and so many great mods you could blindly pick one from a hat. Now though, Elden Ring has seen a spike on Steam, and the concurrent players have even re-entered the six figures. Yes, really.

I don’t doubt that when the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date drops, FromSoftware’s open-world game will crest the one million Steam players mark. We got very close at launch in 2022, and like some sort of omen of things to come, Elden Ring passes the 100,000 Steam players mark right before its second birthday.

Sunday, February 25 2024 marks the second anniversary of Elden Ring, with 100,936 players in the game at the same time the day before. The last time Elden Ring got close to this was on Sunday, January 6 this year, with 99,048 concurrents. Before that, it only crested six figures twice, once in January 2023 and at launch, when it peaked at 950,000 concurrents before slowly leveling out.

Elden Ring second birthday: a line graph showing the slow rise in Elden Ring players recently

While we’re only accounting for Steam I can easily see the growth of the game in the last two years helping it get over one million concurrents when Shadow of the Erdtree drops, as we all pick up different versions of the DLC. If it’s not one million on Steam alone, I’m certain it’ll be one million at one time across all platforms.

With so many players back in the game, now’s the perfect time to jump back in. Messages about every animal being a dog, tricks to get new players to jump off cliffs, and plenty of co-op help, if you’re struggling, will all be back in full force.

You can also get an Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree discount for a Steam code ahead of release as well, with a very tidy 12% off.

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If you’re eying up another holiday to The Lands Between to get ready for Shadow of the Erdtree we’ve got you covered with the best Elden Ring builds and Elden Ring classes to give you a completely fresh experience.

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