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Free Elder Scrolls game finally releases fully expansive remaster

Elder Scrolls Daggerfall's Unity engine rebuild has just fully released, meaning you can download the game for free on Steam and enhance it.

Elder Scrolls Daggerfall Unity release: an old decrepit skeleton man reaching towards the camera

The full release of The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall’s Unity recreation is finally here, as the community behind the Daggerfall Workshop team releases the 1.0 version of the remaster/port. It comes with quality-of-life improvements, expansive mod support, higher resolution and widescreen support, and a whole lot more. The best part? Daggerfall is already a free game on Steam, so you can try the port while waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 at no cost.

This version of Elder Scrolls Daggerfall is the ideal way to play in 2024, offering up an iconic RPG remaster that still carries the spirit of the 1996 original. While Daggerfall Unity did come to GOG in 2022 we’re now at the full 1.0 release, with the team even urging players to move away from the GOG launch late last year, as it’s a few years out of date.

Daggerfall Unity 1.0 aims to keep the “original charm along with hundreds of fixes,” alongside a slew of more modern features to help give the RPG and free Steam game the glow-up it deserves. The modern Unity engine and lighting help boost the modern graphics, and you can play with high-resolution widescreen while overhauling the gameplay and visuals with mods still being released to this day.

The draw distance of Daggerfall has also greatly improved, and there are smooth first-person controls and loads of quality-of-life enhancements too. You can take a look at some older gameplay of Daggerfall Unity below.

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To play, simply download the DOS version of Daggerfall for free on Steam, alongside the free Daggerfall Unity 1.0 release here. After downloading the GitHub files and following the easy installation instructions, I can safely say that Daggerfall Unity looks and plays great. It’s still definitely a game from 1996, but even just the widescreen, smooth controls, and clean visuals make it easy to jump in on.

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