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Become an Overseer with this limited edition Fallout gear from Elgato

The Fallout-branded Stream Deck, Wave XLR, Wave Mic Arm, and Wave DX from Elgato create the perfect streaming setup for the post-apocalypse.

Credit where it’s due, there’s a right and wrong way to do branded peripherals, and the Elgato Fallout collection is absolutely fantastic. With four branded products, available in bundles to unlock additional savings and free digital assets to customize your loadout, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

Some of the best gaming microphones on the market come from Elgato, with the brand’s Wave DX dynamic mic appearing in this limited-edition Fallout collection.

Alongside the Wave DX are the Stream Deck, Wave Mic Arm LP, and Wave XLR. You’ll have everything you need (sans one of the best webcams) to get started on your streaming journey in style.

Each of the limited-edition peripherals comes with tasteful Vault-Tec branding so that it doesn’t look obnoxious when set up at your desk, but any Fallout fan would know what it is a mile away.

Buying three of the devices will save you cash at checkout, with two bundles being offered as “Vault Overseer Kits”. The audio bundle includes the Wave DX, XLR, and Mic Arm while the broadcast bundle includes the Stream Deck, Wave XLR, and Mic Arm.

A gaming setup feating the fallout X elgato branded gear

The Audio Kit will set you back $323.97 (£323.97) while the Broadcast Kit costs $458.96 (£458.96). Each kit also includes a free basic black XLR cable.

If you already have some Elgato Gear, like a Stream Deck, then you can still get in on the fun without having to buy a whole new product. Over on the Elgato Marketplace, there are tons of free Fallout mods waiting for you to download them.

This includes a Fallout Pip-Boy voice changer, Stream Deck icons, and a Stream Deck screensaver. These are all free to download and you can search the marketplace for other icons if these don’t suit your setup.

Now that your streaming gear is sorted, you’ll still need one of the best gaming headsets to tie it all together, and we can show you which ones are most suitable.