Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s first hotfix should improve stability

The hotfix addresses a number of errors commanders have encountered during their first steps outside

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has finally arrived, meaning it’s time to hop outside your ship and tottle around on the surface of millions of planets. Trouble is, some commanders have been running into numerous technical problems as they’ve explored the massive space game on foot, and developer Frontier has pushed out a hotfix to address some of the most pressing issues.

Hotfix 1 should offer “general stability improvements” and “general mission improvements,” and it corrects some errors in the initial tutorial – such as the enemy dropship occasionally not showing up to drop off the bad guys you’re meant to get into a shootout with. Another error in the tutorial prevented commanders from using the express lift that takes you to the hangar and, crucially, your own spaceship. That’s been fixed, too.

The hotfix also corrects some “colouration issues” with organics, as well as a crash players ran into when trying to edit their keybindings. For a hotfix that’s arriving just over 24 hours after the expansion launched, it’s a pretty extensive list, all things considered.

There are still problems left to solve, and Frontier says it’s working on investigating everything else that’s been shared on the Issue Tracker.

One of those is poor performance reported by a number of commanders, and while Frontier is working to improve this, the studio says one thing you can try in the meantime is to navigate to you Elite Dangerous folder under LOCALAPPDATA, then open the Options subfolder. In there, open the Graphics subfolder. Back up all the files you find there, then delete everything in the folder.

Restart the game, have it rebuild your shader database, and you may find that things run more smoothly.