Elite Dangerous now has luxurious fleet carrier interiors

Drake-class carriers in Elite Dangerous now have functional interiors where you can plan your next mission, experience the jump to FTL, or just grab a drink

Fleet carriers, the largest and costliest of ships in Elite Dangerous, now have their hotly anticipated interiors. Update 11 has arrived for the massive space game, allowing the truly elite to gather their friends and crewmates aboard their Drake-class carriers, which can function as mobile space stations and social hubs.

Each Drake-class carrier has a main concourse and hangar lobby, a command deck that includes special quarters for the commander-owner and their wing, and a seating area where you’ll want to fasten your safety belt when the carrier prepares to make a jump to a new star system.

Commander-owners of carriers can optionally install additional modules, including a bar, a Vista Genomics service desk for turning in scanned genetic data, a Pioneer Supplies store, and a shipyard access point, where you can reach the shipyard area on foot. You can use all the seats and barstools throughout each concourse, and adjust the tariffs on each service offered in your carrier – in case you’d like to make a bit of profit off the Pioneer Supplies sold on board.

Update 11 isn’t just for carrier-owners, however. There are new ‘protect’-type missions where you’ll need to defend delivery ships from attacks by criminals. Frontier says these missions are pretty challenging and best taken on as a group, but to compensate, the rewards you’ll earn are more valuable.

The patch also includes a nice list of bug fixes and performance optimisations, and the full patch notes are available on Steam if you’d like to review the complete list.

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