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Starfield can wait, as retro RPG Elite now lets you build the universe

Starfield, the upcoming Bethesda RPG game, can wait a bit longer, as PC classic and retro darling Elite gets new modding tools to build your own custom universe

Starfield can wait, as retro RPG Elite now lets you build the universe: The main menu page for 1984 RPG game Elite

Starfield, the upcoming Bethesda RPG game boasting 1,000 explorable planets, still feels a long way away as we eagerly await confirmation of the Starfield release date, but PC classic and retro hit Elite might be the perfect game to fill the gap, as it’s just got a new modding suite that lets you build and customise the entire universe.

Originally launched in 1984 by Ian Bell and future Raspberry Pi developer David Braben, Elite is one of the models for today’s RPGs and space trading games like Eve Online and Star Citizen. Exploring a large, semi free-roam universe, you can barter, battle, and bounty hunt to earn upgrades and cash, with the central goal of modifying your ship and becoming the toughest pilot in the galaxy.

The new Elite Universe Editor transforms the original space shooter by allowing you to customise basically everything. Available to play via browser, or on a BBC Micro should you happen to own one, the modding suite lets you place suns, space stations, ships, and planets anywhere you like. You can alter all the attributes for enemy and NPC AI, and even edit the base galaxy seed, to auto generate an entire world based on your preferences.

It’s entirely free and comes with a comprehensive guide to all its features and how to use them. If you want to compete with some of the best Minecraft builds, or maybe simulate your own idea of the perfect Starfield universe – perhaps based on some of the Starfield mods we want to see; a Thomas the Tank Engine planet, perhaps – this ought to be the perfect personal project. You can get started here.

Make sure you’re up to speed with Starfield ship-building and all the Starfield cities, so you’re ready for Bethesda’s next hit when it finally arrives. You might also want to check out some of the other best space games or the best old games, if you’re suddenly feeling all nostalgic.