Action roguelike Endless Dungeon release date is coming in May

The Endless Dungeon release date has been revealed in a new trailer, and Amplitude's squad-based action-roguelike arrives on Steam and Epic Games Store May 18.

Endless Dungeon release date: A gunner hefts a bulky machine gun, she has sci-fi armour, goggles pushed up on her forehead, and a small band-aid over the bridge of her nose.

Amplitude has announced the Endless Dungeon release date has been set for May 18, which means its action roguelike game will be in fans’ hands before long. Endless Dungeon was first announced at the 2020 Game Awards, and features a bullet hell-meets-tower defence spin on the usual dungeon exploration of the genre.

A follow-up to 2014’s Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Dungeon plugs into Amplitude’s ‘Endless’ multiverse and stars a cast of shipwrecked survivors who have been marooned on a huge derelict space station. To leave, they have to reach the station’s core, but they’ll have to battle their way through hordes of flesh-hungry monsters to get there.

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Like Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Dungeon fuses components of several genres. As your team makes its way through the station, they’ll gather resources and upgrades, allowing them to build a variety of turrets that can help fight the hordes of aliens. It’s also a twin-stick shooter, though, and so when the fighting breaks out, you’ll be laying down gunfire and using active abilities to manage threats.

Amplitude says you can either dive in solo, or put together a team for three-player co-op. There’s an arsenal of weapons to choose from that range from crowd-frying flamethrowers to poison sniper rifles, and your characters will find new gear each time they head out.

As with most roguelikes, you can probably expect to die frequently – Amplitude has been keen to point that out in its communications and marketing for Endless Dungeon. That’s part of the charm, though – sure, most runs are going to end in defeat, but you’ll almost always have something to show for it when you’ve been sent back to the saloon to plan a new trip.

Endless Dungeon is available now for pre-order on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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