Check out a new series of Endless Space 2 comics, free

Endless Space 2 The Unfallen

Amplitude’s Endless Space 2 is a massive space opera at the strategic scale, and last year they launched Endless Space 2 Stories, a series of comics that tighten the focus down around a couple people each. Now the second series, four new stories, is available to read free.

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Above, you can also check out a new “making of” trailer for the new series, in which Amplitude’s narrative director, Jeff Spock, explains the guiding philosophy the studio uses in creating its “Endless” games and the stories that are featured in the comics. All their games – Endless Space, Endless Legend, and even Dungeon of the Endless – are meant to take place within the same universe, and Spock says the idea has always been to create a setting to tell an infinite number of stories, hand-in-hand with their players.

Each of the Endless Space 2 Stories, which focus on the sci-fi side of their universe, features a different team of writers and artists, but they all have a sharp look, with bold inks and dominant colors.

If you own Endless Space 2, you can download the new books as free DLC through Steam. Otherwise, head over to the Endless Space wiki and read them in a nice in-browser comics reader meant for desktop viewing.