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Where to find the Enshrouded Scavenger Matron

Whether you're looking to claim an Enshrouded Scavenger Matron head or just beat up a boss that's causing you pain, we can help every step of the way

An archer tacking on a Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded.

Where is the Enshrouded Scavenger Matron location? Available in a range of different flavours, these powerful Enshrouded bosses aren’t commonly found blinking like a quest icon on the world map. Instead, they’re often simply spotted watching over their subjects, ready to finish off anyone who might challenge their reign.

Unless you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a Scavenger Matron and need some help surviving the fight, you likely already understand the basics of Enshrouded. If not, here’s how to get Shroud Cores for base upgrades, where to find Enshrouded Metal Scraps to help you craft better melee armour,  and how to repair weapons and equipment before you pick a fight you might not win.

The map location of the Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded.

Where to find the Enshrouded Scavenger Matron

The Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded calls the very top of a Scavenger base its home. But not every Scavenger base on the map hides one.

The angle of the hill means you’ll seldom spot one roaming around up there while you potentially slay its subjects in the space below, meaning you might only notice their presence if they happen to waddle up to the end as you pass through.

The easiest Scavenger Matron to seek out can be found at the Hill of Scavengers just south of Mistbury Catacombs. This is the poison-throwing Scavenger Gorg It’s far to the north of the Cinder Vault where you first spawned, with Ferndale to the west and just a stone’s throw northeast of the Springlands Ancient Spire.

A grappling hook point used to reach the Enshrouded Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded.

Once you reach the location, you’ll need to fight off Scavengers and rabbid wolves to ensure they don’t join the grand finale at the top of their camp. Once it’s safe, either look for a grapple point or a ledge close to a break in the fence to reach the Scavenger Matron.

How to beat the Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded

Once you’ve located the Enshrouded Scavenger Matron, you’ll need to decide how to take her on. It’s possible to deal ranged damage from the foot of the camp if she walks close to a visible ledge, but you’ll need plenty of arrows or mana and can risk her resetting.

Instead, the best approach is to meet her at her level. She’s powerful and uses ranged attacks to generate poison puddles on the ground. But she’s slow, allowing plenty of room to dance around her as you rattle off attacks. Readying bows and magic can take too much time, so be sure to weave in and out of cover to bait her poison blasts.

Fighting the Scavenger Matron in Enshrouded.

For melee fighters, attacking in short bursts is best. Rush in, get a few swings off, and use the rest of your stamina to run around and away from her, coming back in when your stamina has recovered to deliver swift justice again and again.

It’ll take some time. The Scavenger Matron has a lot of HP. But by staying on your toes, you’ll be able to defeat her at a relatively low level. Claim her head to unlock new crafting recipes, an essential upgrade for a key tool, and the means to upgrade your Flame Level back at base.

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