Borderlands 3 is no longer available in the Epic Games Store sale

The Epic Mega Sale is live, with at least $10 off everything priced at $14.99 and above

Borderlands 3

May 18, 2019 Borderlands 3 is no longer included in the Epic Games Store sale.

The Epic Games store’s first major sale has begun. In a press release earlier today, the publisher announced a series of discounts which will be available on the platform over the next four weeks.

There’s a suite of titles on sale for up to 75% off, but the most interesting takeaway is that Epic is reducing the price of all games that cost $14.99 (£13.99) or above by $10/£10. That offer will compound with sale prices, meaning you should be able to combine discounts to get some impressively cheap offerings. That $10 reduction will apply retroactively to pre-orders, and Epic will also refund the difference if you purchased a game in the two weeks before the beginning of the sale.

That means, for example, that while World War Z is 10% off, Epic’s £10 discount reduces the price by around a further 35%, meaning you’ll pay only £18.10 (around $23) for the horde-based zombie shooter. Meanwhile, Metro Exodus will take you to post-apocalyptic Russia for just £27.49 ($35.19).

When it comes to pre-orders, there are also some pretty good deals.  John Wick Hex and Oxenfree developer Night School’s Afterparty can be reserved for just £4.39 ($5.62) and £5.99 ($7.67).

Borderlands 3 had been available to pre-order for £39.99 (around $50), but that option has been removed from the sale, and is not currently available for purchase on the store.

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That’s far from an exhaustive list, of course, so you can check out the sale for yourself on the Epic Games store. Sadly, not all of the Epic exclusives are available for pre-order yet – neither The Outer Worlds or Ghost Recon: Breakpoint can be purchased just yet.

Either way, it’s a savvy move from Epic, who accidentally revealed the existence of their Megasale on Fortnite earlier this week. According to leaks, the Steam Summer Sale 2019 dates aren’t due to kick off until after this one has drawn to a close, meaning the storefront won’t be competing with its biggest rival.