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Experimental Escape From Tarkov update tests major flea market change

The new Escape From Tarkov update removes the Found in Raid requirement from the game’s Flea Market, along with reworks to loot balancing.

Escape From Tarkov update makes major experimental change to trade - A man wearing a bandage across his head.

A new Escape From Tarkov update has arrived, and developer Battlestate Games is making an experimental reversal of one of its longest-discussed changes. Following its recent controversy around the new Unheard Edition and offline PvE mode with persistent progression, the tactical extraction shooter is trialing a major change to trade ahead of the next EFT wipe.

The new Escape From Tarkov balance patch removes the Found in Raid requirement for placing offers on the game’s Flea Market in both PvP and PvE modes. This dramatic reversal of a restriction that has been in place in the FPS game for several years is certain to divide the player base, but Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov stresses that this is a “test event,” meaning it may not stick around for the next Escape From Tarkov wipe if it proves to be unpopular.

Perhaps the most immediate and obvious repercussion of this change is that if you kill another player and loot their gear, you can now offload it to the market, making PvP combat a much more enticing prospect for all players due to the high payout potential. Conversely, however, there are some fears that it may open the door back up for resellers to buy low and sell high on the market.

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As an additional component to this limited-time test, you’ll no longer need a TerraGroup Labs access keycard to get into the Lab. Buyanov also asks players for feedback on whether the team should try removing item restrictions for what can be listed on the Flea Market, although he comments, “I think this is not a good idea because everyone will get access to high-end weapons and gear.”

Along with this change, the new Escape From Tarkov update makes a handful of other adjustments. Base inertia strength has been lowered by 20%, while the overweight limit and base stamina capacity have both been increased by 15%. You’ll now earn more skill points from completing gym QTEs in your hideout, which should let you level both strength and endurance up more quickly.

Loot balancing has been adjusted across all locations except the Streets of Tarkov map, with an increased chance for rare loot spawning inside locked rooms. Elsewhere in the update, you’ll see more AI Scav spawns on Interchange, the value of sold PMC dogtags has been raised, and 9x19mm PBP gzh ammo can now be found for sale at Prapor LL4.

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Buyanov says that if you’ve been experiencing long queue times, it’s because “33% of Edge of Darkness players are in PvE now,” following the studio’s decision to allow all EoD owners into the new offline PvE mode with persistent progression introduced alongside its new Unheard Edition. The new PvE servers are still being rolled out to EoD owners.

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