Truck Simulator now has mod refunds

Euro Truck Simulator 2's free 1.44 update is now in open beta, and the truck game has a nifty new feature in the form of mod refunds

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod refunds: A European highway in ETS2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.44 is now in open beta, and the launch has revealed a pretty notable new feature: mod refunds. As of 1.44, you’ll be able to get refunded for mod parts you no longer want. This is part of an expansion of the game’s mod support features that has been ongoing ever since modifications were introduced to convoy multiplayer.

If you’ve downloaded a mod and used it on your truck, and then uninstalled that mod, the game will now offer you a refund of however much in-game cash you originally spent on it. The game will automatically recognise data from the mod, even after it’s uninstalled, to replace the part with an appropriate default option and refund the correct amount of currency.

The full blog post also details new features like the accurate mileage system, which means that signs in ETS2 will now show the appropriate in-game distances between locations. There’s a rework to company logos, as well as new indicators for licensed and aftermarket parts in the UI. Plus there are the bigger previously announced features, like the Austria rework and unmarked roads change-up.

You can opt into the open beta for 1.44 by right-clicking on ETS2 in your Steam library, going to properties, then the betas tab, and hopping into the public_beta for version 1.44.

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Many of these features should arrive in American Truck Simulator 1.44, too, though we’re more likely to see California reworked than Austria there.

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