Europa Universalis 4’s subscription plan is moving to Steam

If you're a current subscriber, you'll have to resubscribe through Steam instead of in-game

A warrior stands in Surabaya, Java in Europa Universalis 4.

The subscription plan for Europa Universalis IV’s burgeoning DLC catalogue is moving. From now on, you’ll subscribe to the expansion pass through Steam, rather than through the grand strategy game’s menus, and current subscribers will have to switch over once their current subscriptions expire.

When the Europa Universalis IV expansion subscription launched alongside the Nakama update last October, players would have to launch Europa Universalis IV to access the subscription, which would then automatically renew every month. Now the expansion subscription is being offered as a separate entitlement on Steam.

Paradox says all existing subscriptions started prior to March 1 will automatically expire rather than renew, and players will have to restart their subscriptions manually in Steam in order to access the expansion content again, unless they’ve purchased individual DLCs separately. However, the developer warns players that Steam can’t tell whether they have an active pre-existing subscription, and advise players to wait until their current subscriptions run out before starting the new one through Steam, on the Europa Universalis IV store page.

This Twitter thread explains the move:

Apart from that, however, the service remains the same as it’s been. For $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 per month, you get access to Europa Universalis IV’s full library of DLC expansions, immersion packs, and content packs, as well as access to all future expansions and add-on content.