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This cyberpunk vampire FPS game has a free demo you can try now

In EvilVEvil, you're a vampire armed with the latest and greatest in firearms technology, and you've got to chew your way through hordes of enemies.

Normally in co-op shooters, you play as a rag-tag group of individually helpless survivors – you need your team to survive in games like Left 4 Dead, Vermintide, and Back 4 Blood. In EvilVEvil, you’re pretty ferocious in your own right, and that is because you play as a vampire armed, as it were, to the teeth. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you’re in luck: EvilVEvil has a free demo you can play right now.

In EvilVEvil, you’re a modern vampire – a “daywalker,” sort of like Blade – who has access to a wide range of fancy firearms. This FPS game mixes standard assault rifles and pistols with more bespoke weapons, though, such as a gun that fires solar energy and can rip through energy shields (as well as demons) in a hurry.

Being a vampire comes with other perks too, of course. If your health gets low, you can always top up by pressing the shift key to drain an enemy. Holding down the spacebar allows you to glide, but for really tricky gaps, there’s always the handy blink ability as well.

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EvilVEvil works just fine as a single-player experience, but you can form groups of three to take on the ravenous cult as a team. Each player gets to pick from a diverse roster of vampires that each have their own special talents and playstyle. You can further tweak these with customizable skills, artifacts, and weapon mods too, so it’s possible to dial in your perfect daywalker killing machine.

The free demo will be available as part of the Steam FPS fest that runs until April 22. It includes the first three levels, as well as a tutorial that introduces the game’s unique mechanics.

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