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Get a free Steam key for the vampire FPS that’s “Redfall, but good”

EvilVEvil is a new vampire FPS set to quench your thirst for blood, and we’ve got 30 free Steam keys to give away for its closed beta.

EvilVEvil giveaway: Mashaka, one of the playable vampires in EvilVEvil, bears his fangs.

If you love to sink your teeth into a vampire game as much as we do, then you might have been left thirsting for more from Arkane’s Redfall. Perhaps you also can’t wait for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2, which is on its way and can’t come soon enough. While there are a bunch of vampire games we can talk about for days, there’s a void right now that we’re desperate to fill. That’s where EvilVEvil swoops in.

The vampire FPS game we were all hoping Redfall would be, EvilVEvil is a gorgeous, blood-thirsty action shooter that you can play alone or in a co-op squad as you devour your way through hordes of enemies, receiving greater rewards the more blood you spill. Playing as one of a selection of fierce vampires, each with their own abilities to suit various playstyles, it’s up to you to defeat the cult followers of the evil Zagreus and uncover his dark schemes along the way.

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Most games might be about good versus evil, but, in EvilVEvil, developer Toadman Interactive is well aware of the less-than-heroic motivations of the vampire. It just so happens that you can defeat another, worse evil while feeding your own hunger for blood. How convenient.

If EvilVEvil sounds like a vampire game you’d like to feast on, then here’s your chance to win one of 30 Steam keys for the closed beta, which goes live today, March 1, 2024. Don’t worry, though, you have until March 6 to enter, and we’ll get the codes out to you shortly after, giving you plenty of time to gear up and fight evil before the end of the beta, which currently has no closing date.

PCGN – EvilVEvil giveaway

During your time in the EvilVEvil beta, you’ll be able to test out three playable vampires, change your loadout, and equip weapon mods and artifacts to create your own personalized arsenal. While you’ll see plenty of standard revolvers, SMGs, and assault rifles, you can also expect vampiric weapons like the Saber Tooth, which utilizes ancient technology. Mods then add powers like life-drain or explosive rounds, while artifacts offer a range of buffs to your character and weapons. The further you progress, the more you unlock, offering a truly tempting level of customization.

Given our own feelings about how good Redfall could have been, we’re already loving EvilVEvil and will have a full preview together soon. Our initial news coverage deemed it “Redfall, but good,” so we’ll see you in the beta!

If you miss out on one of our codes, you can always try your luck by signing up to play, which also doesn’t guarantee you entry, but will at least increase your chances. Otherwise, there’s a sumptuous selection of other multiplayer games to feast on while you wait for EvilVEvil’s Summer 2024 release date.