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Exoprimal details new PvE endgame mode and Alpha Variant Exosuits

A new Exoprimal update details its Savage Gauntlet PvE endgame mode coming in late July along with ten new Alpha Variant Exosuits arriving in mid August.

An Exoprimal update from the development team at Capcom outlines some of the new features on the way to its dinosaur-demolishing multiplayer game in the coming weeks. Following the game’s launch, the team is already planning to roll out a new dedicated endgame PvE mode soon, and also shows off one of the Alpha Variant Exosuits coming in a free Exoprimal update in August.

Coming on July 28, Savage Gauntlet is a “dynamic new pure PvE mode designed to put veteran five-person Exofighter team to the test in special rotating weekly missions.” There’s no enemy team to worry about, and no dino-driving Dominator to disrupt proceedings either; this is just your squad against the dinosaurs.

Some of Exoprimal’s best moments come when the game changes up its options after a dozen or so matches – indeed, many players are still surprised to find that there’s more on offer than the 5-on-5 Dino Survival default mode that the game presents as its only option for your first few hours of play. While it’s not dramatically different, it is a fresh change of pace; so Savage Gauntlet promises to be a welcome addition to help flesh out ways to play.

Capcom says this is “an endgame experience with difficulty that reflects that,” so you won’t unlock access to it until you complete the main story and defeat the Exoprimal final boss. While the idea of more challenging encounters already has me interested, Savage Gauntlet leaderboards mean there’s actual stakes at play if you want to prove that your crew is the best Exoprimal team in the world.

Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet - a flying Exosuit unleashes a barrage of missiles towards a giant Triceratops.

The team also digs into Exoprimal’s free Title Update 1, which is set to arrive on August 16. This will include ten Alpha Variant Exosuits, which change up the kit and even the playstyle of each of the various suits. The team shows off the Alpha Variant Skywave; by default, this support suit comes with an Aether Lance and Optics Jammer, and can quickly switch between damage and healing on the fly as you soar about the battlefield.

With the Alpha Variant Skywave, however, you’ll wield a Tempest Lance instead. Standard attacks deal damage to enemies, while charging it up fires a bolt that impedes enemy movement. If you need to heal, you’ll have to rely on your active skill, so you won’t be able to top off allies quite as consistently as with the standard version, or with other supports such as Witchdoctor.

This reduced focus on healing means you’ll need to change how you play somewhat – game director Takuro Hiraoka says, “I expect to see this lead to some changes in team composition, as well as players rethinking their rig loadout to perhaps add in more support functions.”

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It’s certainly good to see more loadout options coming, as that’ll only help Exoprimal team compositions become more unique and interesting. If you want to climb those new leaderboards, maybe the Alpha Variants will prove the key to unlocking the fastest times and highest scores of all.

For now, take a look at our Exoprimal tier list to find out the best Exosuits in the current game, and look through the Exoprimal roadmap to see what other features are planned for the coming months.