The Street Fighter 6 Exoprimal collaboration is finally here

Street Fighter 6 arrives in Capcom’s multiplayer dino game today, as Exoprimal Season 2 kicks off with a new map, rigs, a ten-player co-op mission, and more.

Exoprimal Street Fighter 6 collab - A metallic Chun-Li performs her trademark 'beckoning' taunt in Season 2 of the Capcom dino survival co-op game.

The long-promised Street Fighter 6 collaboration has arrived in Exoprimal, bringing some of your favorite fighting game characters to Capcom’s multiplayer dinosaur shooter. Arriving with the start of Exoprimal Season 2, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile provide a good reason to return and check out the new map, rigs, ten-player mission, skins, and emotes. However, there’s a slight catch, as you’ll only get Street Fighter’s posterchild for free.

Exoprimal Season 2 begins Wednesday October 18, and includes the Street Fighter 6 crossover that we’ve been promised since before the game launched. First revealed for the co-op dino game back in the summer, the trio of Ryu, Guile, and Chun-Li are all now available as skins for your exosuit. Unfortunately, you’ll have to shell out real money if you want either of the latter pair from the Street Fighter 6 roster, as they’re only available in DLC bundles.

You can earn the Ryu skin for Deadeye by playing the Exoprimal Dino Survival mode, alongside a Hadoken emote, Street Fighter decal, ‘You Win!’ stamp, and Hadoken charm. The Chun-Li skin for Vigilant and Guile skin for Zephyr, meanwhile, each come in separate bundles (also including a similar set of bonuses with a matching emote for each giving Chun-Li her rapid-fire Lightning Kicks and Guile his trademark Somersault Kick).

Expect to pay $6.99 / £5.78 for each of these sets – which, granted, are just cosmetic addons. However, as someone who had a fun enough time playing Exoprimal at launch, I’m tempted to go back and give it another bash with the Season 2 update and the arrival of the SF6 characters. I’m a little disappointed that I can’t zoom into battle as Chun-Li without dropping real money on it, though. In addition to this, the emotes are purely cosmetic, so you can’t even use them to take down dinos, which is even more upsetting.

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Also included with Exoprimal Season 2 is a new map, the Ocean Platform, which features lots of precarious paths above the crashing waves. New rigs have been added to help kit out your Exosuits to better suit the mission, while co-op final mission Escape sees ten players working together, and “requires that you work together with your former rivals,” suggesting it’ll tie back into the base game’s 5-on-5 format and its greater narrative.

As a bonus reminder, those of you with a subscription to Microsoft’s PC Game Pass also have access to Exoprimal as part of the game library. So if you’re looking for even more Street Fighter in your life, or are just curious to see what Exoprimal Season 2 begins, you can jump in via the Xbox app.

If you’re feeling a little rusty in your dino-blasting skills, we’ve rounded up the best Exoprimal Exosuits into a handy tier list for you, and detailed how to beat the Exoprimal final boss so you can unlock more of the endgame activities.