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Exoprimal’s new suits and modules promise different ways to play

Exoprimal title update 1 arrives soon, so Capcom reveals more of the Alpha Variant Exosuits and new modules that will be included in the free August update.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 - an Alpha Variant Zephyr in red and gold.

New Exoprimal Alpha Variant Exosuits are coming soon as Exoprimal title update 1 prepares to launch, so Capcom gives us a look at some more of what we can expect from the dinosaur horde-blasting multiplayer game. With ten new suits and 34 new modules included in the free update arriving in August, there’s plenty of reason to come back for another round if you’ve dropped off since launch to focus on other priorities like completing all those Baldur’s Gate 3 quests.

The first major Exoprimal update promises plenty to keep you busy, whether you made it to the point in Exoprimal where the game opens up and begins introducing new ways to play, dropped off in the early stages of multiplayer showdowns, or are still actively blasting its endgame and looking for high scores in the Exoprimal Savage Gauntlet.

First up is a series of 34 new modules, spread across both base modules (unlocked by raising your player level and used on any suits) and suit-specific modules (earned by leveling up the respective suits). Director Takura Hiraoka teases two of these – the first, the ‘Renewal’ base module, increases the HP of your allies after reviving them from the downed state, allowing you to turn the tide of battle.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 - The Alpha Variant Roadblock deploys a shield to hold off a wave of dinosaurs.

The second is the ‘D – Linear Thrust’ action module for Deadeye, which can be used both on the standard Deadeye Exosuit and its upcoming Alpha Variant. This lets you use the suit’s charged Strike Thrust ability to repulse enemy Exofighters and smaller dinosaurs, clearing out space for your team or getting troublesome foes off your back.

Hiraoka also reveals four more of the Alpha Variant Exosuits – these ten alternative takes on the base game models are unlocked at suit level 20 and dramatically alter how they play. Previously we got to see the Alpha Variant Skywave, which drops some of its healing capacity for more of a focus on impeding enemy movement. Now, we get to check out the Variant suits for the Zephyr, Roadblock, Krieger, and Witchdoctor.

The Alpha Zephyr swaps out its close-quarters combat for a slightly more mid-range focus, firing out energy halos that get dramatically amplified damage if you land them at the optimal distance. If you’ve found getting right in amongst the thick of it leaves you a little open, this should help you to stay alive while dealing out big damage.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 - The Alpha Variant Witchdoctor fires a beam of energy at a dinosaur.

The Alpha Variant of Roadblock – considered the ‘Reinhardt of Exoprimal’ for its giant signature shield – lets you instead place down a Sentinel Wall to create a fixed defensive shield while you’re free to move elsewhere. You can also recall the placed shield to detonate it, punishing anyone who gets too close.

The Alpha Krieger drops its minigun for a beefy shotgun that can be fired with a wide spread to clear out packs of dinos, or charged up for a narrow, focused blast that deals big damage and knockback to help you pummel down single, dangerous targets.

Finally, the Alpha Witchdoctor swaps its Neuro Rod for a Quantum Rod, firing out a directed beam that damages enemies and heals allies. It requires more precise aiming than the standard weapon, but has the potential to put out more healing than its default version. The beam’s effect ramps up if you focus on a single enemy, coming in very handy against bigger opponents.

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Exoprimal title update 1 launches for free on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. It includes ten Alpha Variant Exosuits, unlocked by reaching level 20 on the respective suit’s base version, and 34 new modules.

It certainly adds up to a whole lot of new tricks in the book, and that alone is probably enough to get me to jump back in for a few rounds and check them out. While Exoprimal’s player count has been struggling on Steam, its presence on Game Pass means subscribers to Microsoft’s library can hop and check out all the new content for free, which should make it a much more appealing prospect.

Take a look through our Exoprimal tier list to see which suits are the best ahead of the incoming additions, and make sure you know how to beat the Exoprimal final boss fight before you jump in, because it’s a big one.