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Is Fable 3 on Steam?

Find out if Fable 3 is available on Steam, and if not, which platforms it’s currently available on so you can purchase it before the sequel.

Fable 3 on Steam; The chicken that stars in the Fable 3 opening cinematic.

Is Fable 3 available on Steam? Valve’s digital storefront is the staple platform for most PC gamers. Whether you’re purchasing a new game or reviewing your extensive game library, odds are high that Steam is your first port of call. Thankfully, the games on offer aren’t just restricted to the latest and greatest releases, and Steam also stocks plenty of older titles you can pick up in a pinch. But does that extend to Fable 3?

The Fable 4 release date has us nostalgic for the whimsical flair and memorable questlines of previous entries in the series – particularly after the Fable 4 trailer starring Richard Ayoade, which captures the staple British humor of Lionhead’s beloved fantasy game series. It stands to reason that you might want to review the series ahead of Fable 4, and where better to do that than on Steam? Well, not so fast. While Fable 1 is certainly available on PC, accessing a Fable 3 Steam version might not be as straightforward as it seems.

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Is Fable 3 on Steam?

No, Fable 3 is not on Steam. While it was available on Steam in the past, it was subsequently removed following the discontinuation of the Games for Windows Live service, which is required for Fable 3 to run on PC.

Unfortunately, this also means that it’s impossible to add Fable 3 to your Steam library since it isn’t supported on PC at all. However, Fable Anniversary and Fable: The Lost Chapters are available on Steam, and it’s still possible to purchase Fable 3 via Xbox Game Pass and stream it to your PC via the cloud.

Fable 3 might not be on Steam, but don’t be disheartened. We’ve also got the latest news on whether we can expect Fable 4 on Steam, so take a look if you’re planning to pick up the RPG game on Valve’s digital storefront. In the meantime, here are the best PC games to check out before you return to Albion, as well as the best story games to help the months fly by.