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Now Radiohead is in Fall Guys, too

You can get one of those weird bear things for your Fall Guys beans, for dystopia reasons

A Fall Guy in a white Radiohead-themed Crying Minotaur costume.

When I first listened to Kid A 21 years ago, it transported me to a weird, fractured vision of the near future, where sounds and visuals and themes were all sliced up and repurposed to create a disconcerting and overwhelming sense of menace and alienation. Cut to today, and there’s a Radiohead tune you can unlock for your Fortnite lobby screen, along with an official Kid A and Amnesiac art installation in game form. And now, there’s a little Radiohead outfit you can get for Fall Guys, too.

The top and bottom of the outfit cost five crowns each, and together they form a ‘Crying Minotaur.’ It’s one of the little hand-drawn creatures you see in Radiohead’s liner notes all the time, a little white fellow with pointy ears, big circular eyes, and chompy teeth. I’d always thought they were supposed to be bears.

Anyway, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic says it’s teamed up with Radiohead to bring the costume to the game, and I’m curious to know what that collaboration looked like in practice. In my mind, the Mediatonic folks are showing sketches of their ideas for the outfit to Thom Yorke, who is sitting, semi-catatonic, at a grand piano in the basement, repeatedly playing a C minor 7th chord that sounds a bit off.

Here’s the Crying Minotaur in action:

You can only get the outfit between now and November 21, so hurry if you want to get in on the action. Tell your friends, and you’ll all be packt like sardines in a crushd tin box.