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Fallout 2 remade as an FPS game, which you can play right now for free

Fallout 2, the classic RPG from Black Isle, has been remade as a free FPS game, a perfect treat if you love Fallout 4 mods and toying with Bethesda's RPG games

Fallout 2 remade as an FPS game, which you can play right now for free. A futuristic warrior in a suit of power armour from RPG game Fallout 2

Fallout 2, the classic RPG from Black Isle, has been rebuilt and remade as a free FPS game available to play right now, offering a brand-new way to explore the world later inherited by Skyrim developer Bethesda and Fallout New Vegas’ Obsidian, as well as a neat distraction ahead of the Fallout 5 release date.

Still in its initial phases, the Fallout 2 FPS is created by developer Jonasz Osmenda, taking the original maps and assets from the classic RPG game, and rendering them as a 3D first-person shooter. You can customise your character, use VATS, and explore a few key regions from Fallout 2 including Klamath and Arroyo.

Combat is still based around hit and attack points, and you can expect to face familiar enemies such as geckos and raiders. This is the first playable version of the Fallout 2 FPS, with Osmenda promising to add further updates in the future, while inviting players and the community to offer their feedback and suggestions.

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Given it uses some of the original maps and assets, playing Fallout 2 as an FPS looks a little like Doom, as you combat two-dimensional sprites on a 3D plane. It also takes some getting used to, with the temptation to spam the trigger coming at-odds with the points and turn-based combat system.

Nevertheless, after seeing that extremely cool Fallout Bakersfield concept trailer back in September, which illustrated just how a Fallout FPS could look and feel, we’re intrigued to see how far this ambitious remake will be able to go. As Fallout co-director Feargus Urguhart discussed with us, Fallout 2 is one of the games to define the RPG series.  You can try its new FPS version here.

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