This custom mini gaming PC looks like a Fallout 4 TV

A modder has repurposed a Windows tablet by turning it into a mini gaming PC TV hybrid, and its woodgrain aesthetic is giving us big Fallout 4 vibes

Mini gaming PC: Fallout 4 trailer with Windows 11 on TV screen

A crafty modder has created a mini gaming PC with a vintage aesthetic, and it looks like something you’d use in Fallout 4. Emulating the look of an old woodgrain TV set, the build features a repurposed Windows tablet and an ATSC TV antenna, enabling it both to act as a computer and a way to catch your favourite TV shows.

In a Reddit post, BuildsByZeek shares photos of the mini custom gaming PC in all its glory. The build even comes with a dinky woodgrain keyboard, which the modder says is a trimmed-down tablet accessory. Just like an old TV set, the box has a bunny ear antenna at the back, which feeds its USB ATSC tuner a signal.

While the Windows tablet within this mini retro rig would likely struggle with big-budget releases, it could make for a great way to play less intensive indie games or stream from services like GeForce Now. Given the PC’s Fallout 4 vibes, we’re eager to see what the post-apocalyptic RPG game would look like on its screen, especially since the system screams Retrofuturism.

Repurposing old devices is a great way to combat e-waste, so it’s nice to see enthusiasts transforming them into unique builds. Recently, we came across a project that converted a gaming laptop display into a handy internal case screen, something that may help panels stay away from landfills.

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