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Fallout 4 mod adds Star Wars-style DLC-size expansion to Bethesda RPG

Fallout 4 mod Galac-Tac takes inspiration from Star Wars to add a new DLC-size expansion to the Bethesda apocalypse RPG, as we wait on a Starfield release date

Fallout 4 mod adds Star Wars-style DLC-size expansion to Bethesda RPG: A Galac-Tac mercenary from the Fallout 4 mod stands before a burning building

Fallout 4 mods have progressively transformed the Bethesda RPG, adding new weapons, enemies, armour, and quest lines. As we eagerly await news on the Starfield release date, we’re constantly on the hunt for new ways to pass the time in nuclear Commonwealth, and this latest project, a Star Wars-inspired DLC-sized expansion for Fallout 4, seems ideal.

Galac-Tac: Mercs and Music is a continuation of the Galac-Tac mod series from Varangian Studios. In the past, we have had new armour and weaponry visually inspired by the bounty hunters and Stormtroopers of Star Wars, but now, as well as more items and gear for Fallout 4, Galac-Tac brings a fresh morality system, some new perks, and a whopping 30 new quests.

Picking up from the end of Fallout 4, Galac-Tac: Mercs and Music runs parallel with the Automatron DLC, and casts you as a mercenary working on behalf of the shadowy Employer. We won’t spoil things too much, but across what is essentially a whole-new Fallout 4 campaign, you’ll be faced with the decision to either do as you’re told or rebel against your bosses and choose your own moral path. It’s cast-iron Bethesda-style stuff, made all the more professional by the fact it comes with its own unique soundtrack, recorded by Chicago-based grunge outfit Lever.

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There’s a new weapon in the form of a Spas-12 shotgun, additional armour sets and attachments, and even a new skin for the iconic Pip-Boy. The mod can be started after completing the main Fallout 4 quest line, or, if you install it alongside its sister mod, 2021’s Galac-Tac: Retribution, you will find various additional quests embedded throughout the vanilla game proper, with Galac-Tac serving as a whole-new faction that you can use to beat the game. The Galac-Tac series is available to download free from Nexus Mods.

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