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Fallout 4 saves could be corrupted by using console commands, Bethesda warn


Fallout 4 is pretty great. It’s also already been modded a tonne, while many gamers fiddle about with the in-game console to tweak visual settings. Well, best be careful, because Bethesda now say messing around with Fallout 4 commands could corrupt your save.

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Answering questions on Twitter, Bethesda’s VP of PR Pete Hines admitted the publisher doesn’t encourage use of the console, usually brought up on ‘~’ with most keyboards. Said console is most commonly used to alter graphical options, such as tweaking Fallout 4’s default FOV, which many folk find to be a little on the narrow side.

Of course, it’s natural for publishers to air on the side of caution, but you really should back up your Fallout 4 saves if you intend to play around with the command console. Saying that, I’ve tweaked both my FOV and gun model size and have yet to once adequately protect my ever growing 18 hour save file. I really should take my own advice. At any rate, you should probably play it safer than me.

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