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Mysterious Fallout 4 mod resurfaces, making Bethesda RPG a horror game

Fallout 4 mod Pilgrim, which mysteriously seemed to vanish after its initial launch, is back, turning Bethesda’s RPG into a Silent Hill-esque horror game

Mysterious Fallout 4 mod resurfaces, making Bethesda RPG a horror game: A strange figure with a basket for a head in an apocalyptic hellscape

The mysterious Fallout 4 mod Pilgrim, which appeared to vanish after its initial launch, is suddenly back online, with a new remastered version once again transforming the Bethesda RPG into a twisted, Silent Hill-esque horror game.

Originally released in 2017, Pilgrim was one of the earliest, and certainly the best, total horror overhaul mod for Fallout 4’s environment. Weather, lighting, and the game’s atmosphere were completely transformed, making Bethesda’s Commonwealth resemble the bleak New England of Robert Eggers’ movie The Witch, or the abandoned, fog-shrouded town from Konami’s Silent Hill. Where a lot of horror and environment mods for Fallout 4 are noticeable kind of paint jobs, where you can see the extra effects layered on top of the base game, Pilgrim felt like it was part of Fallout 4 from its foundations. It’s a cliched thing to say, but it made Bethesda’s RPG truly look and feel like a different game.

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And then it was gone. Like boxes of Sugar Bombs, a few scattered links or leftover downloads could be scavenged here and there, but consistent sources for Pilgrim seemed to vanish, that is, until now. One of the mod’s original co-creators, TreyM, has just uploaded a new version of Pilgrim dubbed Pilgrim: Remastered. As well as bringing the definitive horror experience back to Fallout 4, it now comes with custom shaders, and is compatible with every Fallout 4 DLC.

TreyM provides full installation instructions, as well as a handy list of other mods that complement the Pilgrim experience, over on Nexus Mods, where you can download Pilgrim: Remastered right now.

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