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Massive Fallout 2 fan remake shows grand rebuild of the 1998 classic

Fallout 4 mod Project Arroyo, which aims to rebuild Fallout 2 in Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG, has released a new comparison video.

Fallout 4 mod Project Arroyo: Fallout power armor

The Fallout 4 mod project that promises to entirely rebuild the iconic Fallout 2, Project Arroyo, has shown exactly how its ground-up remake and reimagining both follows the original and enhances it in a new comparison video. With three decades between them, it’s safe to say that Project Arroyo is going to differ from Fallout 2 on a fundamental level. That said, the team clearly wants to make sure the atmosphere of New California is exactly as you remember it.

Every day another colossal Fallout 4 mod blows me away. With so many fan projects in the works that want to either modernize an older Fallout game or tell an entirely new story within Fallout 4 itself, we’re currently spoilt for choice. Project Arroyo aims to join these ranks with a ground-up remake of Fallout 2 built within FO4, which basically makes it an entirely new RPG game if you’ve never played the orignal.

Between the likes of the standalone Fallout London and Miami fan creations then, and even Fallout 4 New Vegas, Project Arroyo is certainly another one to watch. The Fallout 4 mod reemerged after four years just a few months ago, with the team now showing what a 26-year facelift, Bethesda’s Creation Engine, and a baseline of Fallout 4 can do to bring one of the best classic RPGs into the modern era.

The Project Arroyo team has now shared a comparison between its own mod and the Black Isle original below, so you can see how it keeps the original spirit alive.

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As someone who finally got around to playing the original Fallout games a few years ago, I’m incredibly excited to see what Project Arroyo does with the source material. It certainly looks faithful, but the team is making some meaningful changes to streamline the experience.

“We are shrinking the areas of little significance (such as empty desert areas), [while] at the same time expanding the existing locations of Fallout 2,” the Project Arroyo team says, “so that they feel just as important as they were in the original game; making the seamless playable area to be around twice the size of Fallout 4’s.”

The Fallout 2 remake will also restore cut content, but “not in a way you’d think,” alongside a home plate system based on Fallout 4’s settlements, and you’ll still be able to keep playing after the credits too. The team is even working with others behind Vault 13, a similar project bringing the first game to Fallout 4, in an effort to help streamline the development of both projects.

With plenty of incredible mods that are basically entirely new games on the way, you’ll want to check out some of the best games like Fallout to keep you busy, alongside a big list of Fallout 4 console commands and cheats if you want to break the Commonwealth.

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