Fallout 4 mod is a Bethesda RPG prequel that will drive you “insane”

A Fallout 4 mod with prequel lore, survival game mechanics, and a mental health system for the Bethesda RPG has a huge update, perfect fun as we await Starfield

Fallout 4 mod adds survival game prequel, “insanity”, to Bethesda RPG: Preston Garvey, a Minuteman in a tricorn hat, from Bethesda RPG game Fallout 4

A Fallout 4 mod that transforms the Bethesda RPG game with overhauled visuals, survival mechanics, and prequel story content, has just been updated to add new perks, fresh gameplay systems, and a whole-new mental health dynamic, taking the Fallout series all the way back to the years just after the Great War, and giving us all something to enjoy as we look towards the Starfield release date.

Frost is a transformative mod that pulls Fallout 4 all the way back to the early 2080s, just after the nuclear war between China and the US that obliterated the world. Originally adding lethal combat, new factions, and an entire subway system connecting the Fallout Commonwealth, the latest update – which feels like a sequel to the first Frost – adds over 200 new terminals and journal entries to build out the Fallout lore, another new faction, and an overhauled crafting system that challenges you to build the fundamentals of survival like medicines, camouflage, and bandages.

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Perhaps most significant is a new ‘hallucinations’ system, whereby your character can become “insane” and start to imagine various different NPCs and events. If your mental stress gets too high, you’ll start to visualise creepy mannequins and even the famous Grognak the Barbarian, with some hallucinations being specific to certain locations.

If the hallucinations themselves prove too overwhelming, you can go into a “fugue state”, and your character will black out and wake up somewhere entirely different on the map. This expands the Fallout 4 survival experience beyond just physical and health aspects, and you can try the updated version of Frost now at Nexus Mods.

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