Fallout 76 holiday event sends scorched Santas across Appalachia

The Fallout 76 holiday scorched event is back this year, sending scorched zombies in Santa suits swarming into Appalachia with presents ripe for looting

Fallout 76 Holiday event: A Holiday Scorched wearing red Santa outfit with white gloves, white fur trim, and black suspenders with jingle bells attached to it, stands in front of a vintage American flag with faded colours and stars arranged in a circle

The Fallout 76 holiday event has arrived in Appalachia, which means the MMORPG’s countless vault dwellers can get into the seasonal spirit of giving – and blowing gnarly mutants away. The Holiday Scorched Event features mutant scorched wearing fur-trimmed Santa outfits carrying holiday gifts for you to collect after introducing them to your arsenal of post-nuclear weapons. The event runs December 20 – January 2.

Holiday scorched spawn as legendary one- to three-star creatures, and will only show up in outdoor locations, Bethesda says. You’ll know one’s close when you hear their jingling sleigh bells.

Each one you take down will drop a holiday gift, which come in small, normal, or large variants. Each of these has a chance to include a piece of rare loot, such as plans for C.A.M.P. items.

During the event, vendors sell holiday wrapping paper, which players can use at a tinker’s bench to create their own holiday gifts. These you can open yourself for another chance at rare loot – that is, if you’re not really into the whole ‘giving’ thing, we guess.

Earlier this year, a major update for Fallout 76 reintroduced The Pitt, a new location players can explore with the new expeditions system.