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Aliens return to Fallout 76 to harvest your brainwaves

The Invaders from Beyond event is live again in Appalachia, which challenges players to fight aliens in power armor harvesting human brainwaves.

Mount up and prepare to defend Appalachia from the extraterrestrial menace, because the Invaders from Beyond event is live in Fallout 76 for the next two weeks. The event features flying saucers, brain wave harvesting, and two powered-up types of aliens to blast off the face of the Earth.

Invaders from Beyond first appeared in Fallout 76 back in 2022. In addition to a raft of alien-themed content for the rest of the post-nuclear MMORPG, the update introduced the limited time mode of the same name. In it, you’ll have to find a brainwave siphon, listen to Homer Saperstein’s broadcast, then defeat 30 alien enemies to summon the alien commander. You’ll have to get all of this done as the siphon fills up with precious brainwave activity – if that gets filled up all the way, you and your team fail the event.

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Once that’s done, you can destroy the brainwave siphon itself. Rinse and repeat until you’ve destroyed all three.

The Invaders from Beyond event begins at the top of each hour, at which point you’ll be able to see the aliens’ UFO hovering over a point of interest somewhere in Appalachia. The event begins today, April 30, and ends May 14 at 9am PT / noon ET / 5pm BST.

There are some new rewards to unlock this time around: a fetching teal hazmat suit, plans for a glowing green alien head lamp for your C.A.M.P., and plans for a glowing Flatwoods Monster lamp. You can display these on the lovely alien table, and there are also plans for a snarling alien marksmanship paper target poster for the wall.

In the Atomic Shop, you can pick up Flatwoods Monster paint for your power armor and a new laser-powered alien door, too.

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