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Fallout-inspired RPG gets turn-based FPS combat like dungeon crawlers

The Fallout-inspired RPG from New Blood has some new details, as Dave Oshry has revealed that the turn-based combat will go for an FPS look to modernise it

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As the Fallout series turns 25, we’ve learned more about New Blood’s RPG game inspired by the classic isometric Fallout games, namely that the combat is going to forgo the slow and clunky combat for some FPS game action with turn-based mechanics baked into the design as well.

We still don’t know the name, or have a release date, for new Blood’s Fallout-inspired isometric RPG, but CEO Dave Oshry has shared how the development team is shaking up the perspective of the combat to give the game an entirely different feel.

“Surely the biggest complaint about classic Fallout games has always been the slow and clunky nature of the turn based combat,” says Oshry. “While we’re still keeping things turn based, by switching up the style and perspective more akin to classic dungeon crawlers, we find it much more engaging.”

The Fallout-inspired isometric RPG is described as a “passion project” between Dave Oshry, Project Van Buren’s Adam Lacko, and Fallout fan project artist Alexander Berezin. To top it all off, composer of the original Fallout and Fallout 2 Mark Morgan is returning for this New Blood project, to help round out the Fallout-inspired feel of the isometric RPG.

A Fallout Doom FPS game was also recently shown off by Berezin. Entitled Fallout: Bakersfield, it focuses on uniting the classic post-apocalypse aesthetic with the gameplay style of Doom.

It’s unclear if Fallout: Bakersfield will become a full release or project, but the footage shown off for that does look eerily similar to the FPS segment of New Blood’s upcoming game. Oshry even joked at the time that “Work on our RPG has slowed down because of this. You’re welcome,” adding that “Alexander [Berezin] is like literally the only artist on earth who could do it right.”

If you want more news about the Fallout-inspired isometric RPG project from Oshry and Berezin, which was shared earlier this year, we’ve got that for you too. And we even have a list of the best Fallout 4 mods if this story has inspired you to drop back into the wastes.