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FIFA 23 Rashford POTM September SBC guide

The FIFA 23 Rashford POTM SBC for September has been released, here are the special card’s stats, position change, and how to solve it cheaply

FIFA 23 Rashford POTM September SBC guide: a football player dribbled away from two defenders

The FIFA 23 Rashford POTM SBC for September has dropped into Ultimate Team, marking the first of the monthly special cards awarded to each league’s top performer. Marcus Rashford is the Premier League’s player of the month and not only does he receive a real-life award, but a special card in the football game – think of it like the recent TOTW 2, but with a bigger boost to his stats.

The Player Of The Month SBC for Marcus Rashford is available for the entire month of October and is an enticing option for those looking for pace, power, and skill to lead the line of their Ultimate Team. Below, we’ll go into Rashford’s upgraded stats and the SBC requirements for unlocking the special card, including the bare minimum player ratings you need to include to meet the criteria for each submission.

FIFA 23 Rashford September POTM SBC details

The Rashford POTM is available for the entirety of October which should give those of you who really want to add the card to your collection enough time to complete the Squad Building Challenge.

This SBC is split into three sections, each with different requirements. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll need to contribute in order to acquire the Rashford POTM card:

Manchester United

  • Minimum of one player from Manchester United
  • Minimum team rating of 84
  • 11 players in the squad


  • Minimum of one player from England
  • Minimum team rating of 85
  • 11 players in the squad

Premier League

  • Minimum of one player from the Premier League
  • Minimum team rating of 86
  • 11 players in the squad

As always, when completing an SBC that has a minimum team rating, you only need nine of those players and can go one rating lower with the other two. For instance, if you needed to complete an SBC with a squad rating of 84, you can use nine 84 rated players, then two 83-rated players. Sticking to this will ensure you never overpay on buying players to complete a challenge.

However, if you have some even higher-rated players in your club lying around you want to get rid of, or you can acquire some cheaply, you can include an 85 or an 86 and include fewer 84-rated players as a result.

FIFA 23 Rashford September POTM stats

The special Rashford card has improved stats virtually across the board when compared to his gold card:

  • +1 Pace
  • +2 Shooting
  • +4 Passing
  • +2 Dribbling
  • +5 Defending
  • +6 Physical

Is it worth completing the Rashford POTM SBC? He certainly looks to be a force to be reckoned with up top, and the fact that he can be played on the left means he still might be worth committing to even if you already have a world-class striker. There are a lot of options right now that might cost you less than this SBC, but if you have a lot of untradable cards in your club already, Rashford could serve your team well for quite a while.

For more challenges that are worth your time, check out the Around The World and First XI SBC solutions, the packs you get back for those will go a long way to completing the Rashford POTM. We’ve also got guides to the Puzzle Master and Seven-League Boots SBCs too, if those take your fancy.