Final Fantasy 16’s trailer wasn’t pre-rendered because Square wants you to know it’s actually coming soon

The studio wanted to show the game as it is

A phoenix from FF16

Final Fantasy XVI was revealed earlier this month, and some fans of the RPG games series have expressed concern over what’s in the trailer. Developer Square Enix is aware of people’s worries, but the company wanted to show the game as it is, rather than something flashier that might be a misrepresentation.

Speaking on a ‘Stroll with Yoshi-P’ panel during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida commented on the decision to use actual gameplay in the teaser. Translated by Audrey on Twitter, from the Japanese press notes, with verification from Miraculous Miku, and the Final Fantasy XIV Discord, the trailer was based on perception of Square Enix’s own release schedule. “I saw some comments saying that if we [released a trailer that was all pre-rendered], they wouldn’t see the game until 2035,” Yoshida said. “So we decided to release a proper trailer.”

Square has a reputation for long gaps between announcement and release – Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV both had three years between reveal and hitting stores, using pre-rendered cinematic trailers before we got to see proper gameplay. This time around it seems the studio intends to be different, and it’s possible Final Fantasy XVI could arrive “sooner than people think”.

As for when we’ll get more FFXVI details, a site will go up mid-October with character profiles for the cast. Fans have been poring over what we do have so far, and they’ve gleaned quite a bit of information from the limited footage available. We’ve a list of nine features we’d love to see in the upcoming game.

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Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a release date yet, but watch this space. Luckily, we’ve the best anime games, and best open-world games, to keep everyone happy.