Here’s FFXIV’s Dancer job being played with an Xbox Kinect

Content creator Super Louis 64 has managed to get the Xbox gadget working in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV's Dancer job entering combat

There have been plenty of gaming-based options to keep yourself fit during these socially distanced times, but, admittedly, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t one of them. That’s true for most of us except one popular controller modder who has managed to hook up an Xbox Kinect to the MMORPG.

Content Creator Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton is using the camera-based tech to pull off what is, perhaps, the most immersive way of playing FFXIV’s Dancer job. Hamilton explains on Twitter that he’s managed to get the Kinect to pick up his dance moves and send those inputs into FFXIV. Each of the Dancer’s steps has a motion control mapped to it, so the content creator has to dance away if he wants to buff his party. He also explains that he has to follow the instructions on his step gauge to complete the dance once he starts it. More importantly, Hamilton’s outfit matches his Dancer, which is an attention to detail we appreciate.

This isn’t the first time Hamilton has put a new spin on playing one of FFXIV’s jobs, either, as he previously managed to play the card-based Astrologian job on a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel-disk controller. Each slot on the disk is assigned to a party member, and he got the cards to work through a heap of “conductive paint and wiring”. Playing the Dancer with an Xbox Kinect and the Astrologian on a Yu-Gi-Oh! controller is equally impressive and looks equally as exhausting.

Here’s the full video, and you can find more silliness on Hamilton’s channel:

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Now we just need Hamilton to perform this meme from The Twinning dungeon:

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In fact, even the developers got in on the fun.

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The FFXIV Endwalker release date isn’t quite here yet, but we’re getting a slow rollout of information to tide us over. During a recent Letter from the Producer, we got a nifty glimpse at the new Reaper and Sage jobs, and learned further how every other job will change, too.

If it’s more Super Louis 64 you want, though, we previously spoke to him about beating Sekiro with a set of DK Bongos – as you do.