Your FFXIV house is no longer safe

Now that Final Fantasy XIV's server congestion has eased following Endwalker's release, Square Enix is bringing back the auto-demolition timer for houses

The streets of Garlemald in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s server congestion issues have largely subsided following Endwalker’s release, so Square Enix is bringing back automatic housing demolition. Basically, your FFXIV house is getting toppled over if you’re away from the MMO for too long.

The developer explains in a blog post that the auto-demolition timer will work in one of two ways when it returns on March 9. If you’ve visited your humble abode over the suspension period, it’ll be reset entirely on March 9. If you haven’t, though, you’ll have the same amount of time left on your timer as you did when Square Enix suspended it last December.

Housing is always in high demand for Final Fantasy XIV as there’s rarely enough space for everyone. Even if you do get a plot of land, it’s usually down to hours of sheer persistence, as this video from YouTuber Pint wonderfully captures. While we’re getting another housing district in Ishgard during the post-Endwalker content cycle, though, Square Enix decided to remove the auto-demolition timer on current houses when servers got so congested that many struggled to play the game for a good week or two.

Now that some time has passed, though, servers have stabilised. Australians and New Zealanders have also got a new data centre, which helps.

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FFXIV’s next Live Letter stream kicks off later this week. Director Naoki Yoshida has previously revealed that he’ll be taking Endwalker questions and showing what the next ten years will look like for the popular MMO.

We’ve already heard that we’re getting another FFXIV Deep Dungeon before the next big update, so maybe Yoshida will give us a firmer timeline on the new housing district, too.

For everything on FFXIV housing – from prices to locations – you can follow that link.