Surprise corgi FFXIV minion announcement delights MMO fans

A surprise corgi FFXIV minion announced during the celebratory 14 hour livestream for the ninth anniversary of the Square Enix MMORPG is delighting dog lovers

FFXIV corgi minion concept art in front of an image of the New Gridania town square

A surprise corgi FFXIV minion announcement during the recent FFXIV 14-hour livestream has dog lovers everywhere excited about the newest pupper coming to the critically acclaimed MMORPG. The livestream, which celebrates the ninth anniversary of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy multiplayer game, centred around Live Letter 73 and the announcement of the FFXIV 6.25 release date.

However, a couple of sneaky announcements slipped out, with details provided on the secondary livestream for the event. Speaking to FFXIV game director Naoki Yoshida, Hironobu Sakaguchi, known as the father of Final Fantasy, had a special request for the MMO’s team. Sakaguchi is a particular fan of kappa – Japanese water demons – and said he would like to see a kappa kigurumi (hooded onesie) costume implemented.

Sakaguchi remarks that the Water Imp minion in-game already bears close resemblance to a kappa, so the creatures are already established within Final Fantasy 14 lore. The team notes that Sakaguchi is quite particular about what kind of kappa he would like to see, and as such the devs are ‘definitely going to pay attention to his request.’

The other big news following on was the reveal of a corgi minion. This adorable newcomer is set to arrive in patch 6.3, with a concept art preview displayed on the secondary stream of a happy-looking pup with a yellow handkerchief tied around its neck. So far, however, the team is remaining coy about how the magnificent mutt will be obtained.

Naturally, fans are already speculating the method of obtaining the pup, which has apparently already been decided. Many suggest that it could be tied to the recently introduced Island Sanctuary mode, while others joke, “Imagine its an ultimate reward,” referring to the hardest challenge content in the game. Others say it could be tied to the next FFXIV deep dungeon, which is speculated to be arriving in patch 6.3. Whatever the requirement ends up being, you know it’s going straight to the top of our 6.3 priority list.

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Thanks to Iluna Minori on the FFXIV Discord for translations (link opens Discord invite in a new window).