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Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 gets another live letter November 27 - here’s when to tune in

Looks like we can expect patch 5.4 sooner rather than later

Final Fantasy XIV’s big updates are back on track after COVID-19-related delays to patch 5.3, and we’re closing in on the launch of the next major release. Another patch 5.4 live letter has been scheduled for later this month, and that more or less confirms that the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4 release date is coming very soon.

The next live Letter from the Producer will broadcast on Friday, November 27 at 3:00 PST / 6:00 EST / 11:00 GMT. These broadcasts typically run for about three hours, and are hosted entirely in Japanese. However, the prepared slides that accompany the broadcast are shown in English, so you can get a solid idea of what’s coming. (Plus you can get live, unofficial fan translations from the FF14 DIscord.)

Patch 5.4 has already been confirmed for a December release, and major updates typically launch about two weeks after a new live letter. So while it’s not yet confirmed, you might want to circle December 8 on your gaming calendar.

Early patch 5.4 notes have confirmed the Eden’s Promise raid, a Blue Mage update, and an ‘explorer’ mode that will let you look around dungeons without fear of bad guys. 5.4 is also going to restore auto-demolition for housing, so if you’ve got a house on ice, you might want to log in soon.

The WoW Shadowlands release date is later this month, too, so fans of MMORPGs are looking at an embarrassment of riches in the weeks to come.