FFXIV is still facing lengthy queue times a week after Endwalker’s release

Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion looks like a hit for Square Enix, though it's not all been smooth sailing

A FFXIV character flies towards a tower on an island

If you were hoping that Final Fantasy XIV would quieten down after Endwalker’s release, then you’re out of luck, pal. The MMORPG’s latest expansion entered early access on December 2 before fully releasing on December 7. It’s been close to a week since and those login queues aren’t getting shorter just yet.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida offered another update on server congestion over the weekend, apologising for the inconvenience caused. Yoshida explains that peak numbers from the weekend just gone were slightly lower than the one prior. However, queues are technically getting larger due to the team fixing login errors and raising the login queue cap. It looks like players are adapting to the server congestion by logging in during quieter periods, though, so that might help you out. I find that joining the login queue during work hours – sorry, editors – means the game is good to go by the time I clock off.

While the team is steadily fixing login errors, FFXIV error 2002 remains the most prominent. Yoshida explains that it was previously prevalent as it could occur if a login queue exceeded 17,000 players. The team has managed to raise the login cap, which has eased the issue, but the error can also occur due to the strength of your internet connection. The team doesn’t have a fix just yet, though Yoshida recommends using a hard-wired internet connection if you can.

Yoshida has also acknowledged errors 90002 and 90006, which reportedly occur during cutscenes – oaft. The team is looking into it, but there are no updates to share just yet.

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FFXIV got a round of fixes for Endwalker login errors last week, and they seem to be paying off, at least. While we don’t have a way of gauging interest in Endwalker on FFXIV’s launcher, we see that the MMO is still hitting player peaks of 90,000 on Steam each day (thanks, SteamDB).

If you manage to log in, we’ve put together guides on the new FFXIV Reaper and FFXIV Sage jobs. I’m quite fond of the Reaper, myself. Alternatively, you can check out this very good Minecraft build of FFXIV’s Kugane city.