FFXIV player literally runs across Eorzea in two hours using Ring Fit Adventure controls

Not content with Kinect and Yu-Gi-Oh duel discs, now SuperLouis64 is playing FFXIV with Ring Fit Adventure controls

Controller modder SuperLouis64 plays Final Fantasy XIV using Ring Fit Adventure controls

SuperLouis64 has built a well-deserved pile of internet fame by playing games with wholly-inappropriate controllers. He’s played Call of Duty with Donkey Konga bongos, beaten Dark Souls 3’s final boss with literal bananas, and now he’s doing wild things in Final Fantasy XIV. He’s played Dancer with a Kinect and played Astrologian with a Yu-Gi-Oh duel disc. Now he’s literally running across Eorzea using Ring Fit Adventure controls.

This setup essentially translates data from the gyros in the Switch joy-cons into normal controller inputs. So as far as FFXIV knows, you’re just using an Xbox controller – there’s no mod to the game itself, and thus no issue with the terms of service. Literally running lets you run in-game, and doing a squat registers as a down press on the d-pad, so you can map that to whatever skill you find most useful.

Using the freshly-rigged controls, SuperLouis64 took about two hours to run all across Eorzea – from Idyllshire, past Old Gridania, down south to Ul’Dah, then looping around La Noscea before completing the run to Gyr Abania.

It’s an effective workout, though maybe a less effective way to actually play content – you’ll probably want to stick to solo content or playing with friends to avoid slowing down everyone’s duty roulettes.

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SuperLouis64 has also gotten Ring Fit Adventure controls working in Overwatch and Dark Souls 3. Maybe it’s time to update our guide to the best PC controllers