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FF14 is so popular right now it’s sold out digitally in the US

Players are reporting server congestion and lengthy queue times

A screenshot from FF14's 5.5 patch

Final Fantasy 14 is having a bit of a moment right now. The MMORPG has been riding a fresh wave of popularity that has led to server congestion over the weekend as NA players found themselves in lengthy queue times and unable to fashion new characters. If you’re in the US, you may even struggle to get yourself a digital copy from Square Enix’s store right now.

Players took to Reddit over the weekend to share that they couldn’t get started in the game as others filled all the NA servers to the brim. That doesn’t necessarily mean that each server has permanently run out of space, just that it was full at that moment. At the time of writing, most NA servers have room for new sprouts to jump in.

Players also noticed that Final Fantasy 14’s complete edition is currently not available digitally on Square Enix’s US store, though you can join the waiting list. We checked in with our American pals and it looks like you can still pick it up on Steam if you so desire. We checked Square Enix’s European store, and you can get it there, too, so it seems the stock limitation is mainly over the pond right now.

Final Fantasy 14’s surge in popularity coincides with popular WoW content creator Zack ‘Asmongold’ hopping over to give Square Enix’s challenger a whirl following the divisive Chains of Domination update. As per the Twitch tracking website SullyGnome, his first stream held 145,320 viewers on average. It looks like plenty of World of Warcraft players have also followed suit, sharing their experiences on FF14’s subreddit.

While it’s hard to say how many people are playing Final Fantasy 14 on PC right now, SteamDB has the peak concurrent player count at 58,046 over the weekend for Valve’s platform, which is a new record.

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There’s plenty of other things going on in Eorzea, too, with the FF14 Endwalker release date set for later this year and a new free login campaign that makes the game free to returning players for a limited time.

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