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Free FF14 Dawntrail character creator has the new race right now

The Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail character creator is here with the expansion's benchmark test, so you can make your own female Hrothgar.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail character creator: a red lion woman's head and shoulders on a sunny blue sky background

The Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail character creator and benchmark tool is finally here, not only letting you test your rig’s capability with the expansion, but also giving us all some incredibly hype cutscenes and a character creator for the MMO’s new playable race. I promise you’ll be going through that benchmark over and over, screenshotting your new Warrior of Light doing anything remotely cool, because I know I am.

I might only be in Stormblood, but I’m incredibly excited for the Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail release date. I’ve got three months to blitz three Final Fantasy 14 expansions so I can explore Tural with everyone else on day one, but I’ve been resting safely in the knowledge that even if I don’t catch up in time, I’ll be able to use my lone Fantasia to turn into the MMORPG’s new playable race – the female Hrothgar.

The Final Fantasy 14 benchmark for Dawntrail just dropped though, which means we can all see how the expansion runs on our rigs. More importantly, however, we can explore the female Hrothgar character creation options, and I’ve already been having a field day with what I want my character to look like.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail character creator: a lioness woman in a character creator screen

Both the benchmark and character creator are completely free, so if you’re a new player you don’t need to worry about sign-ups, subscriptions, or anything else while toying with all the playable races and testing your PC’s capability with the MMO. You’ve got a few months to play around with your Warrior of Light before committing to a totally new look.

Once you’ve made your Hrothgar, which I admit I spent a little too long doing (I’ve been waiting months for this, okay?), you can then dive into the benchmark to see what the 7.0 graphical update looks like, as a series of cutscenes with your created character play out while giving you a score and tracking how your rig does. Keep in mind that you don’t actually play FF14 Dawntrail with this benchmark.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail character creator: a screen showing your benchmark score

All this talk of the benchmark wasn’t the only thing detailed in the most recent Live Letter either, as we also got a look at the new Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail blacklist features coming in 7.0, which should make you feel a lot safer while exploring the virtual world.

You’ll find the FF14 benchmark tool right here, with a character creation option available on startup.

If you can’t wait for Dawntrail and want to know which of the new jobs is best for you after making a female Hrothgar, we’ve got all you need to know about the Final Fantasy 14 Viper and Final Fantasy 14 Pictomancer, alongside all the other FF14 classes too.

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