The new FF14 Valentione’s Day 2024 emote is one you won’t want to miss

FF14 Valentione’s Day 2024 is here, and the Final Fantasy MMORPG has a special new emote to earn during its limited-time Valentine’s event.

The FF14 Valentione's Day 2024 rewards are too good to skip - A pink-haired Miqote from Final Fantasy XIV winks at you with a wide smile.

FF14 Valentione’s Day 2024 is here, and if you’re a lover of the critically acclaimed MMORPG then you’ll want to make sure to jump on and snag its rewards while the limited-time event is still available. Along with another delightful tale of romance, its new Love Heart emote is well worth your time. You’ve got two weeks to jump in and claim it, and if you’re currently between subscriptions in the run-up to Dawntrail then don’t worry, as there’s also an FF14 free login campaign for past subscribers on the go right now.

There are plenty of reasons to show your love to other players in Final Fantasy 14. Maybe it’s a healer rescuing you from a certain-death attack in the latest savage raid, or a tank coming to your aid in a FATE, or a particularly stunning glam spotted in the Limsa plaza, or – if you’re really lucky – a special someone playing alongside you in the MMORPG. While we’ve had a few different ‘loving’ emotes, some can feel a little too personal for certain situations, but this new Love Heart emote is a fantastic all-purpose way to show you care.

You get the classic ‘heart hands’ pose, complete with a cheeky wink – and, because sometimes a simple gesture can go amiss among everything else going on in FF14, there’s even a beautiful burst of pink hearts in a circle, just to let everyone nearby know how you feel. It’s a warm show of thanks without feeling too forward, as if to answer my own personal needs as a friendly but often rather anxious FF14 player. Alongside this emote, there’s also a Valentione’s Heart Chair, which is the perfect addition to a cute bedroom layout.

FF14 Valentione's Day 2024 rewards - A Miqote performing the new Love Heart emote, and a heart-shaped chair, both included in the new limited-time event for FFXIV.

But perhaps you’re eyeing up the FF14 Dawntrail release date and wondering whether you can justify resubscribing right now just to snag this emote. Worry not – a FF14 free login campaign is live now and runs until Wednesday February 21. If you’re a past player whose subscription has been inactive for at least 30 days, you can play for free for up to four days from when you first log back in, giving you ample chance to complete the Valentione’s event.

FF14 Valentione’s Day 2024 start date, end date, and rewards

The FF14 Valentione’s Day 2024 event runs Wednesday February 7 to Wednesday February 21. You can start it by speaking to Astrid de Valentione in Old Gridania at Mih Ketto’s Amphitheatre (x: 10.2, y: 9.4). You’ll only need to be level 15 to start, which is very achievable if you’re just starting the game for the first time as a new player.

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