One of Final Fantasy 14’s biggest oversights just got fixed, kind of

Getting to Vesper Bay in Final Fantasy 14 can be a drag if you're not careful, but the new patch 6.57 fixes that, for the most part.

Final Fantasy 14 Vesper Bay: a cat boy in gold armor with long ginger hair

With patch 6.57, Square Enix has finally improved one of Final Fantasy 14‘s most annoying oversights: struggling to get to Vesper Bay. With a finite amount of fast-travel tickets given to you in the game, no Aetheryite to speak of (for lore reasons), and having to make repeat visits for the main quest and plenty of important side content, I’ve always been haunted by the prospect of running out of tickets and having to run from Horizon’s Aetheryte. Now though, Square has improved the issue, but not entirely.

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.57 is here, and while it makes changes to several things in the MMORPG, I’ve been drawn to Square Enix’s Vesper Bay fix. With new players trying the game as the Xbox Series X and S beta nears this month, and the FF14 Dawntrail release date looming and pulling others in, as it did for me, we’ve finally got a fix for one of the main scenario quest’s more annoying oversights.

If you’ve run out of Vesper Bay Aetheryte tickets (I have two left as of writing this) and dread running from Horizon to Vesper Bay for the umpteenth time, it looks like Square Enix has finally heard you. Now, instead of getting 30 fast travel tickets to Vesper Bay from three quests, you’ll get a whopping 99.

Final Fantasy 14 Vesper Bay: patch 6.57 change

Judging from my personal FF14 experience, 30 Vesper Bay tickets were usually enough to get me to and from The Scion’s main base of operations during the MSQ, but Vesper Bay is also home to some glamour and dye unlock quests, Hildibrand quests, and even more side quests. So if you want to do everything Vesper Bay offers, the last thing you need is for your fast travel tickets to run out.

Considering you can’t buy these fast travel tickets in FF14 at all, getting more of them while making your way through the MSQ is an overdue change. You can travel to Limsa Lominsa, then teleport to the Arcanist Guild, and then use the nearby ferry to get to Vesper Bay, but even that’s just the same problem with extra steps. I still have a few tickets left. But this change still begs the question: ‘Why isn’t there a vendor to buy Vesper Bay Aetheryte tickets from?’ Guess we’ll never know.

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