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FFXIV patch 6.35 release date set for Loporrit and Hildibrand quests

The FFXIV patch 6.35 release date has been revealed, and we’ll be exploring a new deep dungeon, Eureka Orthos, and helping Loporrits and Hildibrand next week.

FFXIV patch 6.35 release date - a mechanical figure with large green glasses and a hat atop its metallic head

Square Enix has revealed the FFXIV patch 6.35 release date, and there’s great news – you’ll only be waiting until next week to uncover the buried secrets of Eureka Orthos, help out the lovely Loporrits, and go on new Hildibrand Adventures in the critically acclaimed MMORPG. There’s plenty to look forward to in this interim update following FFXIV patch 6.3, so read on to find out what’s in store.

The new deep dungeon is called Eureka Orthos, and it’s promising to be the toughest take on the roguelike-style mode yet. You’ll need to be level 81 or above to enter, and you’ll already need to have beaten floor 50 of the original deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead, which Yoshida says he considers a “tutorial” for what’s to come.

The Loporrit tribal quests are also finally releasing this patch, and a preview image on the special site showcases an emote that looks to let you show off a fine set of Loporrit-style ears (hopefully they’re artificial). We’ll also get to go on Somehow Further Hildibrand adventures with the lovable gentleman investigator and his trusty assistant Nashu – and I can’t wait.

New tool enhancement quests are scheduled to land with the patch as well, and Yoshida has already teased the return of Skysteel tools during Live Letter 74. But what about the Blue Mage, I hear you cry Unfortunately, despite many player requests it’s not currently at the top of the cards; Yoshida promises, “We will do Blue Mage at some point but please wait a bit more.”

FFXIV patch 6.35 - three Lalafell pose wearing giant Loporrit ears

The FFXIV patch 6.35 release date is March 7. The Gods Revel, Lands Tremble special site has also been updated with previews of some of the new content, such as the delightful figure from Eureka Orthos that you can see heading up this very article.

In the meantime, make sure your FFXIV Island Sanctuary is up to scratch with our handy guide, and don’t miss out on the new emote awarded as part of FFXIV Little Ladies’ Day 2023. You can also now apply for a chance at FFXIV Fanfest 2023 London tickets, although you’ll have to get lucky in a lottery to buy them.