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FF14’s most cursed outfit arrives to honor the father of Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy 14 kappa suit is here at last, as FF series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi gets his wish after wearing one in real-life.

Final Fantasy 14 kappa outfit: a person in a green turtle creature outfit in front of a vibrant forest

After months of waiting, we’re finally getting the delightfully nightmarish Final Fantasy 14 full-body kappa suit. Originally requested by the father of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi, who even wore a real-life version of the suit on stage at this year’s Tokyo Fanfest, the new costume is arriving in the MMO as part of the upcoming ‘Make It Rain Campaign’ event. Does it look incredibly stupid? Yes. Will it give me nightmares? Yes. Will I be wearing it any chance I get, though? Also yes.

Creator of FF Hironobu Sakaguchi has made his love of Final Fantasy 14 very apparent over the years. He became so obsessed that he’d play it almost all day every day, blitzing FF14’s main story and expansions in just one month back in 2021. Sakaguchi loves the MMORPG, and during the Fanfest ramp-up for the Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail release date he requested the introduction of full-body, wearable kappa skin – and now it’s here.

Every time they’ve been on stage together, Sakaguchi and FF14 director Naoki Yoshida have had a bit of a bromance. Sakaguchi has thanked Yoshida for his work on the series on multiple occasions, and the whole thing came to a head at Tokyo Fanfest 2024. A mystery man walked on stage dressed as a kappa – of course, it was Sakaguchi himself. He struggled to get the headgear off, got a roaring reaction from the crowd, and had a bit of a pratfall while Yoshida helped him while stifling a laugh. It was adorable and sweet. You can see the full moment below.

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A creature from folklore, the kappa is a huge part of Japanese media and culture. We might call them imps, and they love to eat cucumbers and sumo wrestle, while having a dish on their head that holds water. In fact, a version of the creature even appeared in Final Fantasy 6, and also lends its name to an in-battle status effect.

The FF14 event which includes the kappa outfit is starting soon and will also feature a Cactuar dining table and Senor Sabotender Chronometer for you to unlock. MGP rewards at the Gold Saucer will be increased by 50% during the event, too, so if you want to unlock more glamour or furnishing items, you can.

You can learn where to find the event in Ul’dah right here. The Final Fantasy 14 Make It Rain event runs from Wednesday May 15 and Friday May 31.

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